Pentekening Pastorij op Beek te Meer door Josephus Koyen (15-06-1923)

The Koyen, Koijen, Coijen, Coeyen & Verkooijen generations...

Sorry Guys and Girls, but you will find a lot of Dutch text and words on this website. And a real multi-lingual edition is not supported because the original language of the family would be Dutch/Flemish.

The page remains under an "under construction" status but the site is dedicated to the family tree information of the Koyen family. It seems that the Koyen originated from the "Kempen" an area in the South of the Netherlands and the North of Belgium.

Many information is gathered from the book (1986) of Antoon Koyen "De Familie Koyen" (The Koyen generations) written in Dutch. But an English summary is included on this site.
An English summary of the Koyen generations.
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